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good news everyone, Cassie Ramone is releasing new music! Though Vivian Girls are long gone, Cassie Ramone is headed into new territory as a solo artist with “The Time Has Come" which will be released on August 26th through Loglady Records. 

Watch Joyce Manor get their asses kicked for their new song ‘Catalina Fight Song’ off of their new album Never Hungover Again out July 22nd!

Brighten up your day with Habibi’s newest (and possibly cutest) video for “I Got the Moves”, a song off of their self-titled that was released earlier this year!

If you haven’t heard of Post Life, direct yourself to their newest song “23”, a sneak preview of their newest album to be released by Big Joy Records soon!

New surf-punk goodness from San Diego’s the Frights! Listen to their new songs, Tongues and Puppy Knuckles over on bandcamp

If you’re in LA on May 3rd, catch ‘em at the Church of F.U.N. among other greats like Enjoy, Death Lens and many more!!! details here!

LBC’s finest, Tijuana Panthers, have released a new song!
"Cherry Street" is the first single off of Wayne Interest, their fourth release that will be out on June 3rd.